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About Us

Community Inspired & Community Led

UndocuLaw Northwest is led by current and formerly undocumented community members. Our mission is to host events and hold space for DACA, TPS, undocumented, and any other non-citizen law school applicants to support one another.

Although our group was founded in the Pacific Northwest, our events are open to all prospective law students regardless of their geographic location.

Our Story

As current or former DACAmented students, we see a significant need for information to help other undocumented students navigate their legal education. The idea arose from our own experiences, which included a lot of trial and error, lack of institutional information available to us before applying to law school, vague guidance on how to address our status during the externship and professional development process, and what to expect beyond law school.  

Using our personal experiences, we want to provide prospective DACA and undocumented law school applicants the opportunity to pursue, finance, and access a legal education. In January of 2021, our founding members began organizing the first webinar on financing and choosing law school, and continues to develop webinars that address the unique needs of future undocumented law students.

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